What is the GCRN?

The General Council and Register of Naturopaths was officially incorporated in 1963 as an independent registering body, but can trace its roots back to 1925 and the formation of the Nature Cure Society of Great Britain

Our Purpose

  • to establish and maintain standards of education for practitioners and to provide for the inspection of colleges and courses of naturopathy for the protection and benefit of the public;
  • to keep a register of persons qualified to practise naturopathy in conformity with the standards of the Register;
  • to supervise the ethical behaviour and professional conduct of the practitioners registered by us;
  • to encourage the development of naturopathy on the lines of sound knowledge and practice and to improve the educational standards of our members by encouraging continuing post-graduate education; and
  • to provide for and promote education, investigation and research into the science and art of naturopathy and to disseminate the results of such research.

The GCRN are full members of the World Naturopathic Federation, representing the highest standards in naturopathy in the UK.

This site is designed to make information about naturopathy accessible to the public, and as a resource for GCRN members.

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