The Code of Professional Conduct

The Register publishes a Handbook of Professional Conduct, which sets out the Registered Naturopath’s obligations and requirements to his patients, colleagues and other professionals.

The Purpose of the Handbook

As stated in its introduction, the Handbook has been written to give guidance on the general professional conduct expected of Registered Naturopaths. In any organization opinions can vary widely and the interpretation of generalized rules is liable to be abused by individuals to suit their own circumstances. This document provides a common standard for all Registered Naturopaths to follow and it has the advantage of giving confidence to members of the public by allowing them to know the standards which the Register requires of those practitioners who belong to it. The Handbook is not however a code and, although certain regulations are laid down in it, it cannot hope to foresee all the problems and situations with which a practitioner will be confronted during his professional career. It can only set out principles and amplify them where appropriate. The Handbook aims to help members in a positive fashion rather than to dwell upon what they may not do. More detailed, and probably ephemeral, advice and instructions are given from time to time by the Executive Council.

Authority and Interpretation

The rules and regulations contained in the Handbook have authority and force world wide; they will be interpreted towards overseas members in the light of local conditions and customs in each case A copy of the latest Handbook is available to download below in PDF format below, or can be obtained from the Secretary’s office.

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