The Naturopath aims to identify the causative factors which are creating functional disturbance. This would include evidence of both sub-clinical disease and any gross pathology. In order to make an assessment it is necessary to recognise that

  • Underlying causes of dysfunction should be identified where possible.
  • Structural, biochemical and mental/emotional factors may all contribute to the patient’s condition.
  • The individual genetic make-up of the patient, the inherited miasmata and the environment are predisposing factors in the expression of disease and will contribute to the individual’s experience of that disease.
  • There is often multifarious causation. A diverse range of factors may play a role in disease processes. There is usually a cumulative effect of predisposing factors and a final excitatory or trigger factor.

Naturopathic assessment may include the following elements;

  • Case history taking
  • Analysis of lifestyle and environment
  • Clinical examination
  • Clinical tests
  • Laboratory testing
  • Subtle energy diagnostic methods