An integral part of naturopathic treatment includes being able to educate the patient in all elements of healthy living.


The Naturopath should:

  • Recognise the level of knowledge and acceptance of an individual and assist them in gaining insight into their health.
  • Lead by example. Naturopaths must make efforts to follow a lifestyle which is complementary to these guidelines.
  • Recognise that the individual plays an essential part in their own health restoration.
  • Guide their patients into accepting more responsibility for their own health.
  • Stimulate a healthy independence from, rather than dependence on, the practitioner.

The Naturopath should be able to offer well informed advice in the following areas;

  • The Naturopathic principles of health and disease, how the patient became unwell, what is keeping them unwell, how they can get well and how they can stay well.
  • Diet and nutrition, including nutritional supplementation.
  • Detoxification including fasting and elimination.
  • Physical exercise.
  • Management of acute diseases/healing crises.
  • Hydrotherapy and phytotherapy for home use.
  • Breathing and breathing exercises.
  • Relaxation and stress management.
  • Natural fertility awareness.
  • Preconceptual care, pregnancy and natural childbirth. (It is acknowledged that delivery of the infant is restricted to those who are registered to practise as midwives or medical doctors. Referral should therefore be made to a suitable midwife).