The Executive Council

The Register currently has approximately 200 members. It is governed by an elected Executive Council whose current members are as follows:

Vice-President: Tom Greenfield
Mario W F Szewiel
Office vacant
Council members:

  • Clare Badrick
  • Norman Ball
  • Irving Boxer
  • Jennifer Harper-Deacon
  • Janine Leach, PhD
  • Michelle Matthews
  • Grant Taylor

For profiles of Council Members see below.

Advisor to Council : Christine Burley, formerly Past President.

Election to Council takes place at the Annual General Meeting of the Register. According to the Articles of Association of the GCRN (see below), the members of the Register elect a new Vice-President annually, who then becomes President automatically the following year, and then the Past-President the year after. The Office of Treasurer is an annual appointment. Ordinary members of the Council are elected for a period of three years.

The Executive Council is responsible for conducting the business of the GCRN, and is assisted in the day-to-day running of the Register by the Secretary, who is appointed by the Council.

As well as the Executive Council, there are also a number of committees and sub-committees which have specific roles and consist of at least one Executive Council member and a number of others, some of whom may not be members of the Register, but are appointed for their expertise in a particular field.

  • Education Standing Committee
  • Registration Committee
  • Professional Ethics Committee
  • BNA Liaison Committee

Council Member Profiles:

Tom Greenfield ND DO, elected Vice President at AGM 4/11/14, holds office for one year.

As Vice President of the GCRN and BNA, I chair Council Meetings and the Annual General Meetings, and represent UK naturopaths on the World Naturopathic Federation. My naturopathic practice in London and Canterbury include Generative Medicine, cranial osteopathy and medical acupuncture. I am also academic dean of the Institute for Human Individuality, and am committed to raising the educational standards and scope of practice of naturopaths in the UK.

Clare Badrick ND, elected at AGM 4/11/14, holds office for three years.

Clare Badrick
Clare Badrick

I was first interested in Naturopathy as a teenager (although I didn’t know that is what it was called) and did various cleansing programs to cure my acne issues. I also studied Reflexology and Aromatherapy as a teenager before gaining a degree in Business. I was a marketing manager for an Aromatherapy company before I left to study Naturopathy, I graduated from the BCNO in 1996. Subsequently I have studied Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy.  I have been in private practice ever since graduating, honing my skills as a Naturopath. I am a passionate advocate of Naturopathy and feel a huge sense of sadness and disappointment that Naturopathy is still barely heard of amongst the public as a whole. I would like to be part of the movement led by my colleagues who are trying to put Naturopathy back on the map in the UK. I believe excellence in education and training to be a fundamental part of this drive, but also we need to promote Naturopathy better to the public, and of course we need to raise funds to do this. It would be good to see the UK take its place amongst other countries on the Naturopathic stage.

Jennifer Harper-Deacon, elected at AGM 4/11/14, holds office for three years.


Jennifer Harper-Deacon ND MSc is a qualified and registered naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, acupuncturist and healer who runs a clinic at Goodwood, West Sussex where she draws upon over 25 years of postgraduate study and practice in the field of Western complementary, traditional Eastern and naturopathic medicine.  Awarded Health Journalist of the Year 2008,Jennifer wrote “What’s the Alternative” column for The Sunday Times Style magazine and is the author of “Nine Ways to Body Wisdom, blending natural therapies to nourish body, emotions and soul” (Harper Collins), the Detox Handbook (Dorling Kindersley) and the meditation CD Seasons of the Soul.

Janine Leach PhD, ND, DO


Norman Ball ND

Norman Ball

Michelle Matthews, elected at AGM 4/11/14, holds office for three years


Michelle Matthews ND is an Australian trained Naturopath, herbalist, iridologist and massage therapist with over 15 years clinical experience in the complementary industry. She has worked in Australia, Kenya and now operates her main clinic in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Her past work include lecturing, health feature writer for both on-line and print publications, trainer and educator across Scotland for a UK supplement company.

Her main focus is now on her clinic, speaking at health events throughout Scotland and promoting naturopathic medicine throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK as a member of the GCRN council.

Michelle ‘s true passion is that naturopathic medicine should be as main stream in the UK as it is her own native Australia.

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