Application Procedure

There are two paths to registration. To make an application for registration you must download the correct application pack, which contains all the papers and information necessary for your application.

Path 1 is for graduates of accredited or approved colleges, while Path 2 is designed for other applicants.

Once the Secretary receives your application for registration, he will check it to make sure that all relevant sections have been completed, that the correct fee has been submitted, and that all necessary paperwork has been attached. If everything is correct, he will send you an acknowledgement of receipt, and will forward the papers to the Membership Committee, who will consider the application. The Membership Committee may ask for additional information and/or request an interview with the applicant. As a rough guide, the Membership Committee will report its initial findings to the Secretary within six weeks, who will then notify you of the result.

Once the Membership Committee has all the information it needs, it has five options when considering the application:

  • Unconditionally accept the applicant as a Full Member
  • Unconditionally accept the applicant as an Associate Member with recommendations for on what requirements need to be met in order to become a full member
  • Accept the applicant as an Associate Member (for a limited time period), with conditions in order to remain a member after that time period has elapsed e.g. mentoring and/or a study pathway
  • Not accept the applicant but with advice on what would be needed in order to re-apply
  • Not accept the applicant but with no option to re-apply

A flowchart of the Registration process can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to make an application for registration, please return the completed forms, with the correct payment, to the Secretary’s office.